Training and Development for Local Government Councillors and Non Planners 
Charles is a qualified trainer (Certificate 4) and uses his extensive knowledge and experience to provide training services to both the Western Australian Local Government Association and the Planning Institute of Australia (WA Division).

Planning topics covered in training workshops include;
  • Introdusction to the WA Planning System.
  • Strategic led planning.
  • Planning schemes and scheme amendments
  • Development approval processes 
  • Planning considerations
  • Decision making by Council and Administration under delegation
  • Setting conditions of approval 
  • Development Assessment Panels.
  • State Administrative Tribunal

Assessment of Local Government Against 7 Key Best Practice Attributes
Each attribute is assessed out of possible score of 10.
Local Government Best Practice Reviews
We have completed planning process reviews for a number of local governments including the Cities of Stirling, Albany and Canning, the Town of East Fremantle  and the Shires of Denmark and Serpentine Jarahdale.

These reviews consider all aspects of a local covernment's planning function and its decision making processes including understanding of roles and responsibilities. Reviews  consider a local government's strategic framework and the relationship between its local planning stategy and its strategic community plan. In addition we a consider community engagement processes.

The information we collect and the observations we make are distilled into an assessment of performance against seven key best practice attributes of local governance.

WALGA Planning Performance Indicators for Local Governments
Katrina has worked with WALGA and a group of metropolitan local governments to develop a series of performance indicators to measure planning performance. This is an ongoing project that is in its second year.
WALGA Guide for Planning Delegations
This guide was developed to provide a delegation model and toolkit d to ensure a balance between local representation in decision making and the use of professional advice.
Public Open Space Strategy for Local Government
Planning Context worked with the Department of Sport and Recreation to develop guidelines to help local government to develop effective Public Open Space Strategies.

"It is via local open space strategy and policy that the greatest impact on open space provision can be achieved.  Open space policies and strategies have the capacity to guide how public open space is distributed to establish and protect a parkland network which enhances sense of place, ensures a balanced provision of sport, recreation and nature functions, retains significant environmental and cultural features; and realises opportunities for achieving efficiencies and sharing of infrastructure. "